Google Girl

As of recently, I have fallen in love with Google. Not just the Google search engine, or Google Maps, but Google EVERYTHING.

It all transpired when I created a new Yahoo email account and forwarded a video to various people in my contacts. Yahoo detected it as "suspicious activity" and disabled outgoing emails, then cancelled my entire account. Without prior notification! I went back and forth with customer service, letting them know I am not a spammer etc., but they would not re-establish my account. So I created a Google account and I am SO GLAD I did...

As I was personalizing Gmail, I began to notice other Google services.  You get personal calendar where you can set up notifications, configure email forwarding to Outlook for FREE (unlike Yahoo), store important documents including pictures, and shop in their bookstore- books that are very cheap.  There is also Google Reader which gives you easy access to your favorite sites. There is Google Chrome in which I use as my main browser now. The downside about Google Chrome is that it does not work for certain databases such as those for colleges and universities. I also cannot upload html codes to Blogger, I have to use Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Google allows you to create your own webpage for free separate from Blogger.

The top Google feature that blew me away is Google Voice. Google Voice allows you to make and receive calls from your Gmail account. FOR FREE. Google will give you a phone number that you choose from a list of others available in your area. It also has a call forwarding feature that allows you to add other phone numbers such as your cell phone, house phone, or work number- so if someone calls your Google Voice number it rings all numbers on the list at once! Calls within the US and Canada is free! You get a voicemail account, and you can can send and receive text messages!

The only issue I have ran into with this feature is at times, it will will disallow you to make and answer calls. To resolve, you must delete the Google Talk plugin from Control Panel-Add/Delete programs; go back into the dialpad and click on "download plugin," then sign out and back into Google.  It only happens once in a while, but is not cumbersome at all!

Thank you Yahoo for jacking me up! If it wasn't for their mishap, I would have never ran into Google and its many different FREE services. Most of all Google Voice; it saves me muchos dineros! 

There are many more Google features that others may find very convenient.  You can view them here.


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