A Nuclear Explosion in the U.S.?

In April, the U.S. endured a tragic tornado outbreak in the southern states.  It is considered the most tragic outbreak since 1973 with 292 reported dead.  And now...

Early today, a tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri leaving at least 116 dead- currently tied as the single most deadliest tornado since 1953 in Flint, Michigan.

Congressman Billy Long on CNN reported the town to look as if a "nuclear bomb has been hit."  It was an EF4 tornado with winds to between 190-198 mph.  Here is video of people who hid inside a store's walk-in refrigerator.  On 2:13, you can hear the wilds of the storm with people screaming, and a woman yelling "Jesus!"  They all survived.  Here is another video of a storm chaser doing what he does best- you can see the massive tornado on the ground- very intimidating to say the least.

The world (not just the U.S) is experiencing unprecedented tragedy not only caused by religious fundamentalists, but by  mother nature herself.  Let us think about it: Katrina, Haiti, Japan, Joplin, Southern state outbreak, Chilie, Sumatra, death of Michael Jackson (hey, it felt like a worldwide tornado), and more.  All happening year by year, month by month.  It is time for us to get our heads out of Lalaland, and pay attention to what is happening.  Could this mean something?  Could it be the affects of human mistreatment to the planet?  Or could it be God's fury toward his people?

Whatever the case, the world is in much need of prayer...and ACTION!  Each and everyone one of us have the capability and ability improve the state of this world.  Start in your community!

What are your thoughts?


  1. Fine piece of reporting Ms Bell.

  2. Get's ya thinking! I need to get my head outta la la land myself!


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