Peek at Our Future Generation

Check out this short story by young inspiring writer Chasity Moore.  She is only 11 years old in 6th grade.  Her word choice and syntax is very impressive.  Check her out!  By the way, she wrote this on the spot!

Gummy Land

It was a cold night I was lost in the center of New York City, it was the night before New Years Eve, where it was claimed to say to be the day the world would get swallowed into the deep dark holes of the earth. I dropped to my knees waiting. But nothing happened. It began hailing heavily, the wing began to swirl like I was in the middle of a hurricane. The wind screamed Chasity in my ears. I looked down, my hands turned blue, so did my whole body. I closed my eyes then opened them. I was in a epileptic world of candy. The clouds were balls of cotton candy. The flowers were lollipops. There was a stampede of philanthropic gummy bears. I saw a shadow appear before me. I looked up almost scared too. I looked up to a man. King Cecil. “Bow down in my presence he said looking down on me. I realized that all the gummy bears were on their hands and knees bowing down. I then realized that I wasn’t nothing but a peasant. “Your boldness, is my curiosity” He said with a smirk, I got up and followed him as he bounced away on his little chick candy. “Um, King,- he stopped me  before I got the chance to finish my sentence. “Do not call me King call me Israel. The God of candy and sweet foods. “Oh, no,” he said loosing the smile off of his face. “What-oh…my…God.”

                                                                                The End

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  1. Wow That is so cute. Little Chas is on her way to being a great writer starting out so young.



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