So What is Public Indecency Again?

A new law in Forest Parks, GA will limit public nudity.  But not the type of nudity regulations we are familiar with such as someone flashing in public or national television regulations.  It is to regulate breastfeeding in public.  Yes that is right.  Breastfeeding.  How can an innocent act of breastfeeding be a public repulsion?

Well according to, Forest Parks (metro Atlanta) passed a "public indecency ordinance to prevent public nudity" for breastfeeding mothers.  The law prohibits breastfeeding for children 2 years and older.  

How is the public suppose to know how old the baby is?  Is it moral for a stranger to ask a Mom if her child is legal to breastfeed in public?  I guess the authorities can do that.  But what if the mother refuses? Or what if the child is 2 or 3 afterall?  Would it be humane to jail a mother for breastfeeding her baby?

Before this particular ordinance, the city only had a public indecency ordinance for its adult entertainment businesses. entertainment...yeah disturbing.  Disturbing that the same type of ordinance can be associated with breastfeeding.  A mother is not thinking to look sexy while breastfeeding, nor a child thinking of his/her mother in such way.  Feh!

So what is a mother suppose to do?  Not come out in public?  Just let the child cry until they get home?  That would be neglect.  Sure she can use baby formula instead, but there are mothers who refuse to use baby formula.  She can pump breast milk into a bottle ahead of time, but there are mothers who do not believe in the use of bottles.  There are even babies who do not take to bottles at all!

I think the district was better off requiring mothers to cover up while breastfeeding in public, other than causing strain to motherhood.  What are your thoughts?

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