Reconsider Columbus Day?

Should we reconsider Columbus Day, and consider National Indigenous Holiday?

I strongly believe that America and its school system have contrived text books to keep us in little boxes for the advancement of government emperorship.  The story of Christopher Columbus (some say myth than story) is no exception.

"Native Americans had built a great civilization with many millions of people long before Columbus wandered lost into the Caribbean" Jack Weatherford- Professor of Anthropology at Macalaster College.

In depth research reveals that Columbus was not the first to discover America, some say he NEVER set foot in North America.  The Scandinavian Vikings already settled here in the eleventh century, and Native Americans had already built a civilization beforehand.  Also, he did NOT prove that the earth was round, Egyptian-Greek scientists already recognized that.

It is said Christopher Columbus pawned jewels to finance is voyages.  But research reveal that Columbus seized Indians from Hispaniola, crammed as many as he could in his ship (sounds familiar) to help pay fro his voyages.  Not only that, after 4 years his men killed, or exported one-third of the original Indian population.

"He opened the Atlantic slave trade, and launched the one of the greatest waves of genocide in history," says Weatherford.

Could it be that this is another ploy to celebrate evil by masking is as good?  So what did the Indians do?

"They domesticated potatoes and maize that became staple foods of large areas of Eurasia and Africa; they discovered the healing power of the cinchona bark against malaria and of berries against scurvy; their labor mined the silver that financed the commercial revolution in early modern Europe; their political organization influenced European philosophers from Montaigne to Marx and Engels." Reader review on Indian Givers (see book details below)

After reading this blog, and watching this video and you agree that we should ANNUL Columbus Day in October and make room for National Indigenous Day, click here to sign the petition.  You can check out the petition website here.

Columbus: His Enterprise: Exploding the Myth- Hans Koning
Indian Givers: How the Indians of Americas Transformed the World- Jack Weatherford

~A book- a place where the most essential information is hidden and found.  Read a BOOK~


  1. Hello. This is an awesome post! I will defiantly be signing the petition!

  2. Good info! Sounds to be true..... SMH.


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