You Have Been Exposed- A Herman Cain Debunk

I am a sure believer that perspective Presidents are professional debaters.  Basically, they know how to make their point seem right, and others seem wrong.  I am sure you know some yourself.  But there are those presidential candidates that I believe are professional liars.  They say what you want to here during their campaign, then screw us over when in office.  More than anything, I believe they feel they can do this AND get away with it because most will not do the appropriate research.  Herman Cain is no exception.

After watching several presidential debates and interviews, I have learned a lot about his character.  His haughtiness, arrogance,  ignorance, and bigotry was a complete turn off.  But then the media began to glorify him; he is a favorite among many states!  But why?  So I wanted to do a little research on Cain to see who the guy is.

He is a very successful  businessman of God Father's Pizza, and a chairman among the board of directors of the Federal Reserve (who are responsible for just about every crash that has ever happened including the mortgage crisis).  He is a businessman!  He knows how to advertise, he knows how win people over: a demagogue!  On top of that, he is a liar!  PLEASE watch: 

People do not let the media pick who you want as president.  Research your candidates.  Obama has failed us.  He claims the Iraq war is over, but we are in Africa now!  Many leaders, dictators, have been taking out during his office; he is a puppet and carrying out the agenda for a One World Government.  How has the government been treating you lately?

For what is worth, look into Ron Paul, Google him, check him out on Youtube.  He is the only one that seems worthy enought for my vote, someone who wants to change this crappy system, believes in the Constitution, and has been consistent.

More to come...

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