Heaven on Earth?

I was introduced to this series by a relative that assisted me on my journey to the truth.  This series, Secrets in Plain Sight, are exoteric and esoteric observations of popular sights across the world that one can connect to astronomy, astrology AND astrotheology.  This includes Stonehenge, Jerusalem, The Great Pyramids, Washington, DC, Egypt and many more.  The videos are not limited to any culture or religion, but WARNING: it may offend the devotees!  But the seekers of truth may find a sense of alleviation.

The guy who is the mastermind of Secrets in Plain Sight is Scott Onstott who is an architect and graduate from UC Berkley.  His studies lead him to question the various structures across the globe, and their relation to this world.  You can find more of his work through his website and is blog by clicking on each word.  There are 23 total videos, all posted here, that you may not finish in one day.  Let me know your thoughts!  Enjoy!

Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Washington DC 1

Part 3 Washington DC 2

Part 4 Washington DC 3

Part 5 New York 1

Part 6 New York 2

Part 7 Stonehenge

Part 8 The Great Pyramid

Part 9 San Francisco

Part 10 Egypt 1

Part 11 Egypt 2

Part 12 Jerusalem 1

Part 13 Jerusalem 2

Part 14 Rome 1

Part 15 Rome 2

Part 16 Esoteric Astronomy

Part 17 Chartres Chathedral 1

Part 18 Chartres Cathedral 2

Part 19 London

Part 20 Paris 1

Part 21 Paris 2

Part 22 Paris 3

Part 23 Conclusion

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