Oh No, Not My iPhone!

There is a 30 minute indie film that came out in 2010 called Disconnected that depicts worldwide technological failure and the "what if's" that is IF people aren't prepared for such a reality.  It is almost centered around the 2012 phenomenon in which I don't care too much about, but the message is very cerebral.  Check it out!


Like most things that are man-made, it has its weakness.  Are we too reliant on technology?  Like insurance should we at least have non-technological backup.

Backup like what?

Think about it.  Life when there was no technology, people used god given resources such as the sky and its celestial objects for direction and time (other than GPS).  Basic agriculture techniques to feed themselves and families (other than factories).  And just to throw this one in--musical instruments built with bare hands and sheet music (other than autotune).  Just to name a few.

When the last time you looked at the sky at night, the sky that you live under?  Do you at least know where the big and little dipper is (to direct you to north)?  Do you at least know where the sun rises and sets at particular times of the year to recognize seasons?  Do you at least know how to grow a plant to feed yourself?  It is something to think about.

More to come on this subject, stay tuned!
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