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It's been a long time!  I soooooooooo miss blogging!  My summer has been nothing but busy, so many swift changes and so many adjustments!  Now that things are dying down, I can blog a bit!  Yay!

So, there has been so many request about my hair, how I do it, and what hair products I use etc.  So why not share on my blog?  I will break it up in separate blogs that will include tutorials, links, and videos.  But first, let me introduce you to my hair!
Here is my hair on a typical day....

I have been natural for about two and a half years.  I let it grow out about three inches before I cut off my permed ends.  This is how it looked for a few months after my "big chop"...

I must admit, I miss my short hair!  It was quick to do, easy to manage, and I think it looked rather cute :)  It is astonishing to me looking at the before and after pictures and seeing how fast it has grown!  Your hair grows about a half inch a month, so that is 6 inches a year.  It does not matter what race you are, it is what you do to you hair that prohibits hair growth (Google it)!  So yes, anyone can grow their hair out!

Here is the most recent picture of it flat ironed so that you can see more of the length of it now...

I have only flat ironed my hair four times being natural! Too many women consistently put heat on their hair, but that prohibits hair growth!  The key is to be gentle, use MINIMAL heat, and most of all…leave it alone!

There are many different ways to let your hair rest to achieve hair growth, for example dreadlocks or braids.  But for me, braids are itchy and gets unbearable after a while.  So I braid it at night.  The first picture posted is how it looks out the braids.  People may call it a "braid-out" but for me it is really just a way for me to tame my hair.  For the most part, I braid my hair in about 7 braids at night (if your hair is shorter, you will need more braids) and it takes a maximum of 15 minutes.  If I do not feel like braiding (which is often), I wear it wet with conditioner or put it up in a headband like so...

...I push it back in front, then all the way up in the back to sit on top of my head.  The "braid-out" lasts for about three days.  This is a good way to tame it especially if you have a special someone coming over and you would rather not look like "buckwheat" with those braids, there you go!

Now if your hair is shorter in its "middle" stage, you may need to twist instead of braid since your hair is easier to grab with twists when shorter.  I did not start braiding until it reached a length where twists did not look appealing anymore.  It was like my hair wanted to hang and twists were not cutting it anymore.  Braids seem to lay your hair down much better when longer.  Here is picture of the "middle" stage, and next to it (right, bottom on phones) when I began to braid it...

It has been a journey indeed.  I learned so much about black hair along the way, made a few adjustments along the way considering the length as well as new knowledge acquired.  For instance, I have found ways to wear it when it is humid, when it is cold, ways to stretch it (since black hair shrinks), and spur of the moment hair styles.  There were many trials and ERRORS, but a very rewarding experience!
Stay tuned for coming blogs where I will talk more about the products I use, women I have learned from on YouTube, and also a tutorial!  Thank you for reading :)
~Jo Jo

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