Feeling S.A.D?

We are in winter season, my least favorite season of the four.  On second thought, it is not a favorite at all.  Sure the snow is pretty and white, but is also COLD, turns into slippery and hazardous ICE, and it needs to be SHOVELED laboriously.  Cannot forget snowstorms, being snowed in for days (at least up North), high heat bills, and did I mention that it is COLD?  During the warmer seasons, I love taking frequent visits by the lake, sit outside without shoes, the sound of the leaves blowing, the birds chirping, and kids playing,  But...all is finito when winter strikes!  Ouch!

That is not all.  I tend to become very moody and tired, so I take naps during the day when I have time.  While speaking with a relative about this, I found she also experiences the same mood changes.  She explained it is an actual disorder!  This disorder is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (click on word to be directed to the Wikipedia page).

Surprisingly, it is a common problem that many do not know they have and classified with remedies.  Symptoms include depression, lost of energy, social withdrawal, oversleeping, appetite changes, and weight gain.  Treatments include light therapy, anxiety medicine, and psychotherapy.  Via the Mayo Clinic, other treatment include home remedies such as "make your environment sunnier" by opening blinds or adding a skylight to your home.  Also exercising on a regular basis can help gain more energy.

So if you find yourself frequently moody during winter, you may want to look more into SAD.  Since I am a home remedies freak, I suggest trying the home remedies first such as exercising regularly or just making your home feel warm and cozy.

~Jo Jo
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