"No" Ricki!

Just watched The Ricki Lake Show from Thursday, and I must say I am very stunned.  The show was titled "Mo Money Mo Problems".  Not very creative, but I was expecting people who maybe got sued or scammed by someone they trust.  Whatever.  Sad to say, my expectations were too high.  The guest on the show were ALL black people, most were professional basketball players.  And with that very cantankerous title, "Mo Money Mo' Problems" title of black rapper B.I.G hit single from the 90's, I question the intention and integrity of Miss Ricki Lake.

First, a black woman told her story of her marriage with a black NBA player and their financial hardship.  Then, another NBA player, Antoine Walker to be exact, told his story how he blew his  money.  Next, another man...who is also a pro basketball player...he and his wife told their story how their lives changed after his career ended.

The show took a turn for the good...I guess. Another black woman who won the lottery, told her story how the lottery changed her life for the good after a life of hardship.  Then another black woman who before worked three jobs, won 1 million dollars from Pulisher's Clearning House, tells her story how it changed her life for the good.

Why not have people from different colors and backgrounds?  Why just black NBA players?  Why just black women who've obtained money from luck alone?  There are black people who obtain money from other avenues and through hard work.  What was the point of this show...Ricki?  If to took this to the next extreme, it would seem as a pun against black people.

The show could have been easily diverse and still obtain the same title "Mo' Money Mo' Problems".  But it was not.  I can only hope her intentions were clean, wanting to gain black viewers.  Maybe this particular show's developer was black, and had limited resources.  But I cannot say for sure.

What are your thoughts?

~Jo Jo

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  1. I didn't even know Ricki Lake was still on television. Lol The title was at least interesting enough to get your attention so it was definitely provocative and about ratings. Peace!


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