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One thing that helps after I wash or wet my hair to get the kinks out is....FINGER DETANGLING.  This is a  technique I learned from Curly Chronicles on YouTube.  For people with shorter hair this may not be much of assistance, but for those who's hair is at least past their ear take note!

When your hair is wet (always when your hair is wet, please save yourself the struggle and do not detangle your hair when it is dry!).  Again.  When your hair is wet, use your fingers and gently seperate the knots/tangles/clumps in your hair.  After it gets more easy to run your fingers through your hair, then use whatever unit you use to detangle the rest of your hair.  That is it!

This technique saves your TIME trying to detangle your hair; saves your HAIR from harsh damage by jumping right into combing.  I usually finger detangle in the shower and/or when applying conditioner. Whatever way you do it, do not detangle your hair when dry!

Tangle Teezer
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Last but not least, please oh please, save youself the hardship and invest in the Tangle Teezer!

This detangler is designed to be gentle in your hair while making it EXTREMELY easy and time consuming to detangle your hair.  You will be surprised of how little hair comes out after you detangle with this product! You can find the Tangle Teezer on their website,, or Salley's Beauty Supply.

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