Are You the One?

Came across this book while searching for another book on Amazon.  Since it had good reviews, and fairly inexpensive, I decided to give it a try.  When it came in the mail, I finished that same night!

Yes we all know divorce is at its all time high, but really...why?  This books breaks down the esoteric condition of human beings in love.  Why people feel the rush and need to get married; what question's you should ask yourself and your partner before tying the knot; why other marriages are successful than others etc.  The book is well laid out and it grabs your attention from the introduction (don't skip it!)

Here are the table of contents:

Introduction: Love : what you need to know
#1: Do you share the same basic goals and values?
#2: Are you relating to the person you are dating, or to an image?
#3: Can you admit that the person you are dating has faults? Are you realistic about your own faults?#4: Does your relationship have healthy boundaries?
#5: What do people you are close to have to say about the person you are dating?
#6: Do you respect the person you are dating? Is there mutual respect? 
#7: Can you be open and honest with the person you are dating? Do you trust him or her? 
#8: How well do you get along with the person you are dating? How is your communication?
 #9: Does the person you are dating bring out the best in you?
 #10: If the person you are dating never changes, would you still want to get married? 

Guarantee you will not be able to put it down!  I recommend this book to any man or woman single, engaged, or in a relationship.  You can also get it on Amazon for under $10!

~ Jo Jo
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