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Mission Belt

Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on television right now.  Whenever see an invention or product worth buying, I Google it.  But this particular product really had me excited.  I went online and I purchased it!

Let's just say my last two belts were nonetheless cheap and ended up in pieces.  S when I seen this guy, Nate Holzapfel, ranting about his Mission Belt on Shark Tank, I had to try it!

So what happened when I tried it?  Well after getting my boyfriend to reattach the buckle part in place after I mistakenly unattached it (didn't read the directions first).  I have to say, I really love this belt!  It is very comfortable and easy to use, the belt I needed all these years!

The Mission Belt is a ratchet holeless belt (not the "ratchet" that has been popularized today as a female without class), that has a locking mechanism to hold it in place.  It is genuine leather AND scratch resistant.  You are not limited to lack of holes nor have to worry about poking a hole to get the perfect fit.  This has no holes!  You will get the perfect fit all the time!

So how much is this belt?  Depending on the color $34.95-$39.99.  Those sad belts of mine only lasted one year for $10 dollars each, what a waste!  These belts are built to last!  According their website:  

"A long, long, long, long time. Let's just say that when you need to buy another Mission Belt, people will be using telepathy to communicate and Bill & Ted will be ruling the galaxy. Excellent!"

Very funny.  But I say if interested, INVEST and buy!  I only bought one in black, but I will be buying at least two more! You can purchase this belt on their website and

P.S. Mission Belt was founded for on two missions:  the awesome product Mission Belt; and also to fight global hunger and poverty!  One dollar out from every purchase of a belt goes to support the world cause!

~Jo Jo

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