You Are a Criminal!

While driving down the highway, ok I admit SPEEDING down the highway, I looked around at all the other drivers also speeding in the fast lane and slowing down before passing a cop car sitting on the side of the road.  I began to think more deeply.  I remember the saying "rules are more like guidelines" and it occurred to me this saying may be valid.

Breaking the rules and law comes with consequences, and punishments either big or small.  Even though these consequences may be adhered, I recognize people of all races, religions, ethnicity, are prone to break them over and over again.  For some, because those restrictions are there, they'd want to rebel anyway just for the heck of it.  It is why I don't think rules and laws are given their appropriate names.  They are more like guidelines.

Back during the Prohibition in the 20th century, bootleggers found ways to make and distribute alcohol no matter what.  Today, people still use illegal drugs, cheat on taxes, put bills in their sons/daughter's name, etc.  Doesn't matter if you go over the speed limit just five (5) mph, or take just one puff of marijuana, or cheat just a little on your taxes.  You are a criminal just haven't been caught!

People simply like doing what they want to do.  People enjoy doing what they want to do.  When that ability becomes regulated, people like to continue to do what they want to do.  When caught, many will develop better ways to not get caught again.  Oh yes, there are good citizens out there who plead the fifth, and theist (religious people) may dismiss this whole article.  But at some point in life, you have been guilty even though you've been cleansed and purified.

People have the inner vigor to....well....rebel.  It's the animalistic nature of human beings.  Some are just more controlled than others.  To me it is something worth noting.  Is why I think understanding the nature of human beings and accepting the nature of human beings allows one to be more compassionate, more understanding, and less judgmental.

~Jo Jo
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