Hey, Would You Buy? - Samsung Galaxy Folder

While searching for a new phone on my cell phone company's website, I became frustrated seeing there was not a phone I truly wanted.  I do not want an iPhone, nor do I want any of the Galaxy's.  Some people may call this old school, but while searching for a new phone, the flip phones were more appealing to me.

Back during the flip phone era, I loved my Samsung flip phone and it lasted me for years.  I fit snug on my face and I was able to have long conversations comfortably, opposite from my current smart phone that lays on my check and people have a hard time hearing me which results in short conversations (yes I have a Bluetooth but it's broken).  I liked its simplicity, durability, and quite frankly I could type way more accurate and FASTER on its dial pad than on a touchscreen.

Before I pressed the "add to cart" button next to the flip phone, I thought wait a minuteI still want to check my account balance and make transfers through my bank's app; arm/disarm my security system from an their app, also check/send/receive email easily from an app.  Reluctantly, I didn't buy the flip phone and went about my day.  For many months I hoped and wished for a cell phone company to make a smart/flip phone to satisfy my personal needs (yes it is that dramatic ).

Just recently I Google searched "smart flip phone" just to see if any cell phone company have plans to make one.  Then I found my dream phone: Samsung Galaxy Folder!  Its release date is said to me in late August 2013 internationally (well supposedly).  Other websites suggest the August 2013 release will be in South Korea.  It is an Android smart/flip phone, combining the flip and touch function in one device, has dual screen, and 4G LTE capable.

Check out these links below to find out more:


Being I am an Android user, I WILL be buying this phone when it comes out.  If they renege, I will be buying a nice old flip phone.  Hey, would you buy?

~ Jo Jo

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