Do You Know Your Hair Texture?

Today, women of all different hair types are going natural.  Before my "big chop", not too many people in my area knew much about going natural.  Therefore I knew RESEARCH was key to help build the confidence needed to go natural.  Doing just that, I recognized how diverse ethnic hair really is.  I'd watch Youtube videos and try different hair styles or products, but some just did not work for my particular hair texture.

Then I found this chart on that helped define my hair texture.  Based on this chart, I was able to find women online who shared the same hair texture as myself, and "steal" their hair regimen.
About three months after my big chop, I was finally able to define my hair texture.  According to the chart, I have "3c" and "4a" hair type.  This is actually more common than you think with black women.  The "3c" is located in the back and "4a" in the remaining sections.  Therefore I style my hair to compensate the very loose "3c" texture in the back to match the rest of my hair (I know, crazy right?)

Please utilize this chart, then find women on Youtube or blogs that have the same texture.  Doing this will help tame your hair better AND quicker, therefore a less arduous natural hair journey.  It is perfectly fine if you cannot define your hair texture at your particular stage of hair growth.  Be patient, and soon you'd be able to create a hair regimen of your own.

Enjoy your journey!

~ Jo Jo
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