My Medical Bible

Disclaimer: This is not a deterrent in anyway to visit your doctor or utilize your healthcare plan.  Please be cognizant and do what is best for you and family.

There was a period in my life where acid reflux was getting the best of me and found myself in the ER several times.  The most recent visit I thought for sure it wasn't acid reflux at all since my symptoms gravitated to my heart area.  Like before, they told me it was acid reflux again and wrote me a prescription.  I had no clue acid reflux could make you feel you were having a heart attack!  To put icing on the cake, I did not have healthcare at the time.  Yes, I received robust medical bills!  The doctor did close to NOTHING during the visits, and the bills I received you'd think I had surgery or something.  I thought, there has to be a better way.

So I became more interested in natural and alternative healing and went searching on Amazon for books.  Based on ratings I purchased: Prescription for Natural Cures by James F. Balch, M.D.  This book helped me so much throughout the years (and saved me a lot of money)!  Instead of defaulting to unnatural methods, I pull this out first.  It truly is "my medical bible".

It is broken into chapters by conditions such as flu, gallstones, psoriasis, and even infertility (interesting).  Under each condition are sub-chapters including symptoms, root causes, and treatment.

Most important you will find remedies for each condition smuch as homeopathy, acupressure, aromatherapy, and certain foods.  This may be a surprise to some, but many conditions can be resolved from food and diet alone.  There are also herbal and vitamin supplements listed that you can buy from a drug store including Vitamin A, B, C, or D; oregano oil, or garlic.

By following recommended remedies and dosages in this book, you will find it just as effective as other methods on the market.  Now when I have symptoms of acid reflux again, I change my diet!

I continue to use this book even having healthcare now for the reason like many who become interested in this subject: to avoid harsh side affects, to become less dependent on the healthcare system, and to save money  For those who are interested in natural and alternative healing, add Prescription for Natural Cures to your library.  I purchase all my books from Amazon, you can probably find this on other websites as well.

~ Jo Jo

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