First Myspace, Then Facebook, Now Sue?

While eating lunch at work staring out the window, this guy approached me and asked, "hey you ever hear of Tsu?"  I told him no.  He then continued to explain that it's a new social networking site where you can make money from what you post.  I thought to myself, yeah right!  Such things do not exist and such things are a scam.  He then ripped a sheet of paper and wrote down his URL invite.  Not taking much of what he said seriously, I slipped it into my purse and continued with my lunch.

About two weeks later, I began to think about it more.  To make money by post or shares makes sense.  You are already kind of "advertising" other people's videos, post, talents, etc.  I finally took out that piece of paper and went to the website.  Rats!  You cannot login to see how it looks without signing up.  So being the private investigator that I am, I began researching this Tsu (pronounced "Sue").

As with anything new and different, I found positive reviews and negative reviews.  Some claiming it is this new revolution, some claiming it's a scam or a waste of time.  But out of all the negative reviews, none claim Tsu stole their money, emptied their bank accounts, stole their identity etc.  That was a great sign to me! Check out these sources:
“Established social networks have built amazing business models prospering on the total monetization of free user-generated content.  “Why should anyone commercially benefit from someone else’s image, likeness and work giving no financial return to the owner?  The markets we participate in are enormous, growing and can materially compensate each user -- we’re simply and uniquely rewarding the users who are doing all the work. This is the way the world should work.” ~ Sebastian Sobczak (founder)
My prediction is this will probably be the next jumpoff!  Remember when Facebook just launched?  For me, I was already on Myspace with lots of friends and an robust friend list (hehe).  I signed up on Facebook just to see what the hype was about.  First impression, CORNY.  Then deleted my Facebook account fast!  Now, Facebook is one of the top social networking sites out.

Why not give Tsu a chance?  There's nothing bad going to happen just by posting, liking, sharing, or inviting people.  Although I believe you cannot make millions off this site, you can make a little cash on the side.  So far I have made $0.02 cents in three days having 10 followers (wump wump).  Here is my URL invite:

Try it out for yourself!  You DO NOT need to provide your bank account information to sign up.

What are your thoughts about Tsu?  Do you think it is a scam?  Do you think it will take the top spot in social networking?  Drop your comments below!

~ Jo Jo
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