Love Letters to a Man

They say the sweetest souls are those who write poetry.  Had a pleasure to meet Barbara at my job.  I was chatting at her desk one day and I saw a book in her hand:  "Love Letters to a Man".   A man!  I said with my eyebrows raised in judgment (haha).  She said yeah, this is my book.  I looked at the book closer, saw her name at the bottom, and bought it!  And I'm so glad I did.

Barbara takes you through an emotional journey in her marriage, the good, the bad, AND the ugly.  Some will leave you in complete shock, some close to tears, and others empowering!  My favorites are How Do You See Me, and G.G (good girl), since they are incredibly relatable.  Yes, married or not married, you'd find poems that you too can!

Reading someones poetry, is reading their heart.  It takes courage to let the world see your heart, since you are always judged when you do.  Kudos to you Barbara Jackson on being so courageous!

Hear are the list of some of my other favorite poems.  Gives you an idea of what you will be getting into:

Saving My Sanity
Untitled I
A Mental Note
A Work In Progress
How Do You See Me
Why Should I Lament
The Back Burner
G.G. (Good Girl)
How Did You Get Here
Crocodile Tears III: That Other Woman
In The Trenches
Loving You Real Hard is Like Work!
Laying in Wait
Loving Me
Love Letter to A Man: It's Over Boo
This is Dedicated to Precious Lives in Turmoil (a must read)

If you would like your copy, reach out to Barbara Jackson on Facebook by clicking here.  Or you can purchase it directly on Amazon by clicking here.  Support!

~Jo Jo

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