My Little Pink Jacket, and My Suede Pink Boots

There was a time I use to think celebrating yourself was wrong to do.  Always wanted to be humble for whatever reason.  Maybe because I was really shy, maybe religious reasons, maybe a combination.  Whatever the case, it pained me!  I remember in High School, my Mom bought me a pink first down jacket and these pink suede boots to match. They were cute, but I thought it was too much.  Too flashy. Too showy. Too noticeable. She thought I was being ridiculous and pretty much made me wear the outfit (with her magical powers). So I went to school in the outfit, immediately took off the pink coat inside.  The same with leaving,  putting it on once I got out the door.  (Like, who does that!)

Celebrating yourself to me, is outwardly showing the world you love yourself.  But wait a minute, you stand out!  I was so afraid to stand out, and  pretty much went through high school not wanting to.  If you stand out, you're scrutinized. You're judged. I just couldn't handle that, and was only hurting myself.  When you open up yourself to the world, the world doesn't respond the way you want.  So I went day by day, comfortable, just existing.

I remember my senior year in high school my gym teacher asked me one day, what college I was going to, and what major.  I told him Niagara County Community College, and Administrative Assistant.  He asked, why not Business Administration?  It was that moment, the seed was planted.  He sparked that very thing no one ever could.  For the first time in my life I thought, deeply, why not?

Why not go after your dreams?  Why not make the most out your life?  What's holding you back?

What held me back were people.  People I don't even know!  What will they say?  How will they perceive me?  Now, I don't give a fudge frock fluke! (That was me cursing).  Sure, they'll talk.  But to me now, it's just a bunch of noise full of their insecurities. THEIR insecurities.  Because when you start doing what you want to do, they are forced to look within.

So ask yourself, why not?  If you feel you cannot, find a way so you can!  Learn from the person who is doing what you want to do!  Read up on it.  Don't be afraid to STAND OUT.  Make a choice to LIVE today!

~Jo Jo

P.S. I did change my major to Business Administration, and later graduated :)

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