Black Owned Farms

Let's say you are in a plane crash, and become stranded on a dessert island with other passengers.  How would you try to survive?  Would you try to survive alone?  Or would you try to collectively come together to survive?  You can try to survive alone, but you will have a better chance of survival supporting each other.

When a certain race decides to come together and support one another, it is not because they are racist.  They are trying to survive.  In America we see it this with minority groups such as Asians, Arabs, Native Americans, as well as Puerto Ricans.  Blacks somehow have a hard time coming together.  I can give a whole history lesson as the reason why, but this is not what this post is about.

Things have changed recently.  Blacks are NOW starting to see the NEED to come together to survive.  To support our families.  To support our communities.  That is a good thing.

So let's start here!  How are you spending your money on food?  Take a look at these black farmers in the U.S:

Baltimore, MD

  • Five Seeds Farms
  • Tha Flower Factory
  • The Greener Garden
Buffalo, NY

  • Urban Fruit And Veggies

  • Boxcar Grocer
  • Patchwork City Farms
  • Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag

  • Healthy Food Hub
  • Trinity United Church of Christ Farmers Market (Summer)
  • Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm

  • Chateau Hough Vineyard
  • Rid-All Green Partnership

  • Afroculinaria
  • Community Farming Alliance
  • Good Sense Farm
  • Three Part Harmony


  • Afrika Town Community Garden
  • Farms to Grow, Inc.
  • People’s Grocery
  • Phat Beets Produce


  • D-Town Farm


  • Barbour’s Farm LLC

Los Angeles

  • The Ron Finley Project
  • Sola Food Co-op
  • South Central Farmers’ Cooperative
  • Community Services Unlimited

Petersburg, NY

Soul Fire Farm


  • The Philadelphia Urban Creators
  • Mill Creek Farm


  • Black Urban Growers
  • La Familia Verde
  • The BLK ProjeK
  • East New York Farms


  • Tiger Mountain Foundation

San Diego

  • City Heights Farmers Market
  • African Sisters Farm


  • Black Farmers Collective NW
  • Clean Greens Farm and Market

Southeastern US

  • Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network


  • Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet


You have more?  Please fill out the form and I'll update the blog!

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