My Top Five Things You Can Stop Spending On to Travel the World

Traveling is expensive you say?  Yes it can be expensive.  But what if I told you, anyone can afford traveling?  Anyone that has some kind of stream of income.  You do not even need to join a vacation club if you do not want.  You may not be able to go on that nice trip within a year, but you can at least every 2-5 years.  It takes planning, saving consistently, and smart spending.

What I do if I necessarily cannot afford something, I see where I can cut cost in what I am already spending on.  Then I put money aside every month until I can afford it.  This same method I use for traveling!  First things first, cut down on spending!

Here is the top 5 things you can stop spending on to save up some money to travel the world:

1.  Netflix

It is $8 a month.  Not expensive you say?  Here is the breakdown per year:

Per month: $8
One year: $96
Two years: $192
Three years: $288
Four years: $384
Five years: $480

See how your small $8 per month can turn into a cost of a cruise?  It is also the cost of your hotel stay for at least 3-4 nights.  But hey, can't get rid of your Netflix?

2.  Cable

Oh no not your cable!  According to, the average cable bill is now $100.  You gotta see the breakdown:

Per month: $100
One year: $1200
Two years: $2400
Three years: $3600
Four years: $4800
Five years: $6000

Not having cable for one year can pay for a roundtrip ticket to Europe!  In five years you can country hop for months!  You can keep your Netflix to have some kind of entertainment and cancel your cable bill.  You can also shut off Internet and use public wifi.  If that is a bit too extreme, fine, keep your Internet.  Either way, it is well worth cutting down on your cable bill to afford traveling!

3.  Cell Phone

The most recent J.D Power report shows the average cell phone bill is $73 per month.  But Verizon Wireless customers average $148 per month, while Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile customers average of $144, $141, and $120.  Let's break down AT&T's average of $141 which holds the majority of you iPhone users:

One month: $141
One year: $1692
Two years: $3384
Three year: $5076

Do I need to go any further?  We all cannot survive without our cell phones now in days.  I am not saying you should get rid of it.  But you can change your plan or change your cell phone company.  I am a long time Cricket Wireless customer paying $35 per month for unlimited everything.  They've joined forces with AT&T and my services has been holding up quite well.  I get a $5 discount for having autopay, where my plan would normally be $40 per month.  You end up saving $1272 per year!  That is a price for a nice trip to Spain or Ireland!

4.  Coffee

Some people need their Starbucks in the morning.  They can't function without it.  According to, the average American spends $1000 per year on coffee!

Per year: $1000
Per month: $83
Per day: $2.70

Wowzers!  Here's a tip.  Buy Vitamin B.  They have plenty of different varieties at your nearest drug store.  For me, I take Nature Made Super B Energy Complex.  It gets me going in the morning.  The price ranges between $8-$11 and you get 60 soft gels.  It will take nearly three cups of coffee for one bottle of Vitamin B that last you two months!

5.  Take Out

According to AOL Finance, the average American spends about $1100 on takeout each year!

Per year: $1100
Per month: $91
Per week: $22

But if you are my beguiling coworkers, then it would turn out to be much more (side eye).  How to cut down?  Be a smart shopper.  When grocery shopping, try sacrificing a name brand for something else.  Also try checking ads in the paper and snip coupons.  Instead of eating out during the week, do it once a week.  Or even try ordering from the appetizer menu which is a lot cheaper than entrees.  Last but not least, use the freezer to freeze fruit and veggies instead of throwing them away.  I freeze my onions, broccoli, kale, strawberries, blue berries, and even bananas.  You can make smoothies with most of these later, which is also a great substitute for your coffee in the morning!  You can look online how to properly freeze certain fruits and veggies.

A lot of people cannot afford to travel because they are in a lot of debt.  That was my issue as well.  Cutting down on these five things can save you tons of money to get you out of debt as well.  Let's say you have a $1200 credit card bill.  By cutting your cable bill, you can pay it off in a year!  Take control of your debt, take control of your spending, then start saving to achieve your travel dreams!

~Jo Jo

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