Gun or No Gun?

Live protest after Baton Rouge shooting

After the passionate speech of Jesse Williams at the BET awards recognizing victims of police brutality.  After the backlash claiming the content of his speech being racist, hate speech, and divisive: we have this.

Last night in Baton Rouge, Alton Sterling was murdered outside of a gas station by an off duty transit cop.  They say he was selling CD's from his car outside of a gas station as he does regularly without a problem.  As you see in the video below, he was tackled on the ground aggressively.  They claimed he had a gun, then you hear a series of six shots fire.

(Naturi Naughton's Instagram page)

According to this FOX 2 news segment, two witnesses claim he didn't have a gun at all.

My initial reaction was anger, then I became sickened, then sad, now all three happening at the same time.  I dare not jump to conclusions and state emotionally tarnished information.  That's what don't do here!  This is still under investigation, we'll see how this unfolds.

~Jo Jo

P.S.  Black lives still matter!

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