Best Way To Save For Vacation

The best way to save is by first cutting your expenses.  Americans tend to spend on things very unnecessary that does not support our main needs of food, clothing, and shelter.  If you haven't already, check out My Top Five Things You Can Stop Spending On To Travel the World.  After you've cut your expenses, you'd open a separate savings account specially for travel.  I recommend a account with a high annual percentage yield (APY), which is what the bank pays you!  You'd want to make this a rewarding process after cutting down on your spending right?  Online banks such as Ally Bank typically have high APY rates.  Click here to learn more about banks with high APY rates.

The Breakdown

The key is to put aside the amount you cut into your savings account.  Let's say your cable bill was $100 per month, and you were able to cut it down to $50 per month.  Put the leftover $50 in your travel savings account every month.  In one year you'd pay for your cruise!

1 month $50
3 months $150
6 months $300
12 months $600

Let's say you were able to cut your $141 cell phone bill by switching to Cricket Wireless, paying $35 per month with the $5 autopay discount (I should get paid for this).  Go ahead and put leftover $106 into your travel savings account.  In one year, you can afford a nice trip to Europe!

1 month $106
3 months $318
6 months $636
12 months $1272

Let's combine the cable savings and cell phone bill savings, $50+$106= $156. Your savings account would look like this:

1 month $156
3 months $468
6 months $936
12 months $1872

Play the music!  You're going on a family vacation!

My Do's and Do Not's

DO NOT open your travel savings account in the same bank institution you currently use.  You'd want to make it inconvenient to withdraw just in case you feel the urge to splurge!  Seeing all that money build up will make you ponder on ways you can spend it.  That cute purse, or that nice dress you saw at the store.  Yeah, don't do it!

DO set up an auto bank transfer.  Forget it is there until you are ready to plan your next vacation!

DO  practice self-control.  They only reason to reach into your travels savings accounts other than for your next vacation is for emergencies.  The real emergencies that can affect the livelihood of yourself or family.  By restraining yourself from reaching into your savings account, you'll find other unique ways to cut down.  Don't go to Tim Horton's for two weeks.  Pass up on going out for a couple of nights.  Drink water other than a soft drink at a restaurant.  Or order from the appetizer menu.  Or eat cereal at home (I practice this alternative quite often haha).  Be strong!  Have self-control!

Please read, Like A Money Machine, to find out how I also used credit card reward points to fund my Houston, Texas trip!


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