The Solution For Those Who Hate to Read

The best source of information is in a book.  Hands down.  No questions asked.  You want to learn how to grow your business, be a better organizer, or manage your money?  It is in a book.  Don't have a mentor?  Read a book.  These authors/mentors already made their mistakes and already found systems that work.  They are in a place where YOU want to be.  So if you do not like to read, like most people, then you are missing out.  Big time!

Surprisingly, I did not LOVE to read.  I LIKED reading.  Well aware of the benefits of reading, at times it felt daunting.  Like a big fat chore.  But NOW, I simply LOVE to read.  And this book alone is why I now love to read.

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This isn't any magical way to train your brain to whip through words through the swipes of your fingers across the page.  This books gives 4-5 strategies to help speed up reading AND to have maximum comprehension skills.

You need to understand that authors put a lot of fluff or to put it in a better way- a lot of in-betweens- in their books.  This is to give volume to their books as no one will pay a substantial amount of money for a few pages.  I want you to keep this at the back of your mind as you learn these strategies of reading a book a day.  Did you know that most books have only 1-2 main ideas or golden nuggets?  The objective of reading a book should be to learn the main idea or concept of the book.

I was shocked to read Teddy Roosevelt finished a book everyday at breakfast, Warren Buffet reads 8 hours a day, Bill Gates reads 2-4 hours a day.  They use these same techniques!  If these guys can do it, what does that tell me?  There is no excuse!  Cut down distractions.  Cut down television time. Cut down social media time.  Or, get up earlier

This book has only 38 pages.  Please take your time to read it.  Write down the steps, then do them exactly as described for you next book.  I wrote the steps on paper and keep it inside my kindle cover.  You can find this book on my favorite website of all time, Amazon.  The kindle version is $4.99, and paperback version $7.99.  Skip a Chipotle meal, and buy this book!

~Jo Jo

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