Want to Travel the World but in Tons of Credit Card Debt?

Credit card debt sucks.  It is the best way to get in THE worst financial situation if you do not know how to use them responsibly. Back in my early 20's, I was young, dumb, with excellent credit.  It finally caught up to me, and I gained a ton of credit card debt.  I fell behind in payments, a few accounts went into collections, and my credit score plummeted. I couldn't travel anywhere.  Now my finances are back on track, and I'm able to travel the world finally!  One of the companies who contributed to my turnaround was InCharge Debt Solutions.


InCharge Debt Solutions is a nonprofit debt relief organization based out of Orlando, FL.  They negotiate the interest and payment with credit card companies, then combine payments into one manageable lump some.  I remember seeing an InCharge commercial and called them right away.  They explained how the program worked and was very intrigued.  So I signed up.  Then I ended up canceling after recognizing their fees.  At some point after shopping around, I figured InCharge was the best solution.  So I called them up again and negotiated a smaller price (since it is a nonprofit organization and all), and they did.

So why did I choose InCharge over other debt consolidation companies?

    1. Fee.  As I mentioned before in my previous article, How I Got Out of $18,000 Worth of Debt by Age 30, you can negotiate just about anything!  Right now their website shows "an average set-up fee of $40, and an average $25 monthly fee, not to exceed $75 and $55".  It says average for a reason.  Negotiate!

    2. Flexibility. There were a couple of months I had an issue with payment.  So they adjusted my payment schedule making it easier to pay off my credit cards.

    3. Simplicity. InCharge did all the negotiating with creditors, and I just made the payments.  They also have on online client portal to view your progress and to make changes to your payment methods and creditors.  They now have an app for Android and iPhone users.

    4. Counseling. This course was extremely helpful.  Before then, I never calculated my expenses versus income. The counseling course alone helped me make significant adjustments to my spending habits.  Also, no additional sign up fees.

Not all credit card companies participate with debt consolidation companies.  There was one that flat out said NO. Also, they cannot negotiate with accounts that are in collections and written off. Visit,  How I Got Out of $18,000 Worth of Debt by Age 30, for more information how I was able to negotiate with collections companies.

So if you were like me, drowning in debt, go ahead and give them a try.  They have since added more helpful tools to their website such as budgeting tips, credit score education, and bankruptcy information.  Get rid your bad debt, and start traveling the world!  Give them a try!




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