How I Am Able to Find the Best Travel Deals


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Your savings account is growing, and you've started to research your next vacation.  At times this process can be complicated because you have to consider the price, and where you'd be able to go within budget.  Not only that, but prices fluctuate all the time! No worries.  You can set up email alerts!

There are websites across the web that will send you alerts via email when there is domestic and international travel deal for hotels, flights, car rentals, and vacation packages.  Here are the websites I've set up alerts:

I absolutely love TravelZoo!  You can subscribe to their top 20 deals of the week email alerts.  My latest trip to York Beach, Maine was a hotel voucher I found through Travelzoo for $99 per night on a 3rd floor OCEAN VIEW room.  All I had to do is call the hotel and book with the voucher number from Travelzoo. If you haven't set up alerts before, this would be THE first one!
New York Times Travel Deals

This is my next favorite!  You can also subscribe to their weekly travel deals that give you extremely discounted travel deals. Compared to Travelzoo, NYT travel deals are slightly more but still discounted.
Budget Travel

Not only can you set up alerts, but their whole website interface is based on travel deals.  I like to utilize their "Check Prices" option on the side panel for hotels. You'd be sure to find hotel deals if you already know your destination.
Smarter Travel

This website is great for airfare deals!  I subscribe to SmarterTravel mostly for their helpful articles that I browse through from time to time.  But you can also set up alerts.

Now, you may need to condense your search for flights if you have an airline you like best.  For myself, I set up alerts for Jetblue and Southwest.  You may have already found your destination, and since airline prices always change, you may want an alert yourself when the prices drop.  For this, you can set up alerts through Kayak and Airfarewatchdog.  These website you can enter your flight (from, to, airport, day, and preferred time), and alerts will be sent to you whenever the price changes.

For car rentals, you may want to do the same thing.  I love Dollar Rental because of their low prices, and I never had a bad experience. You can get email alerts whenever there is a deal for your next trip.

If you have an airline, hotel, or car rental company that you love and have a relationship with; you can check their website to see if you can subscribe to their email alerts.  Most importantly, if you find a travel deal, read the fine print.  Some have restricted days, months, or length of stay.  Safe travels!



  1. Hi!

    I'm looking to have a honeymoon shortly within the US and was wondering what tips or places you recommend? We are traveling in January which is an off travel season so I feel we might not be as limited but I'm not sure & I am also looking for some great recommendation for a few friends too who are looking to go on a honeymoon! Do you know about packages that much & Do you have anything on your site within Oregon? Can't wait to hear back- thank you!

  2. You know it's funny I have never even heard of travelzoo. 99$ for oceanview sounds like it must be pretty legit. Question though, are all of these sites free? I've actually found companies that claim to give you incredible deals but you have to buy a $1,000 or $10,000 package first! Then only to find out that they are no better than free sites. Not saying that's always the case just with one called Coastal Freedom that I came across. It is pretty much garbage.

  3. Trust, I would not have signed up for these websites if it was not for free. The signup is free for sure, but the deals of course are not. I'd suggest reading the terms and conditions. For instance my Maine trip, there were a few days I could not use the deal, but I made it work. Let me know if you have anymore questions :)~Jo Jo

  4. Hey jojo

    Do you think I can find a good deal for a cruise? Which page do you recomend it? I want 3 or 5 days in carribbean sea.

    Last time I saw a page about 5 days in a cruise 2 days miami 4 days orlando for a cheap price but searching deeper found out it was a scam, don't want and don't need those things in my life, can you help?


  5. Hello Marcelochelo! These websites above have wonderful deals on cruises. Feel free to subscribe. They are trusted websites. Go and check them out!~Jo Jo

  6. Hello Kayla! First, congratulations! The websites listed will help you find the best deal for your honeymoon for you and your friends. This website is not a travel consulting website. Although, I will be starting that in the near future :) Safe travels!

    ~Jo Jo

  7. Hi

    Great Post

    I like a good travel deal, and im glad I stumbled across your website.

    Do you have any recommendations on some decent websites to use for booking hotels? I know there are lots around, but I normally just use Booking dot com. Do you have any other suggestions?

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


  8. Hello Chris!Thank you for visiting! Actually, I've included search widgets on this site from trusted websites to book hotels. On a desktop computer they are listed on the right panel under "Top Travel Deals". On a mobile phone you will find them at the bottom of the page. Let me know if you have anymore questions!~Jo Jo


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