When to Book a Flight


So you wanna know when the best time to book your flight.  A month early? Two months early? People are shocked to hear there are better days of the week to fly, as well as better days to search!  Here is my compilation of finding the best airfare.


When To Book?

If you want to find the cheapest flight, it is beneficial to book at least 1-3 months ahead of time.  After that, the prices will most certainly increase.  You'd more than likely find cheaper flights searching over the weekend through early next week (Saturday-Tuesday).  Most airlines drop the prices Tuesday after 2 pm.  When I am searching for a flight, I start checking immediately just case there is a deal. If not, I wait until over the weekend to see if the price drops. If you are booking less than a month ahead, book ASAP! The prices will only increase at this point.

Also, if you start searching more than three months ahead of time, prices tend to be higher.  So remember to wait at least 1-3 months ahead of time to book!

When To Fly?

Flights typically cost more flying on Thursdays and Fridays.  That is when most people (especially business professionals) travel to make it back in time for work on Monday.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays typically are the cheapest days to fly.  Saturday through Monday's prices are "meh," but not as cheap as flying Tuesday and Wednesday.

Another factor is holidays.  Let me give you an example.  I found a dirty cheap Myrtle Beach flight just after Labor Day weekend departing on Monday.  Ever think about booking your next vacation after a holiday (hmmm)!  You may find a cheaper flight on 9/11 since not too many want to fly out on such a memorable day in the U.S.  You may even find a good flight on the day of the holiday.  I found a cheap flight to Washington, D.C on Thanksgiving day.  It was much cheaper than the days before.  My sister wasn't too happy to pick me up from the airport, but hey, it was cheap!  Airlines typically hike up the flights a few days before the actual holiday including the weekend when everyone is returning home.

If all of this may seem confusing, just remember to fly when no one else is flying.  Either Tuesday or Wednesday, after a holiday weekend, or on the actual holiday.  You can also find a cheap flight during off-peak tourist seasons!


For international flights, there aren't many "rules" to follow. Doesn't matter what day you book it or when you fly out.  The best time to book international flights is three months or more ahead of time.  My last trip to Europe I booked 4-5 months ahead of time.  When I decided to check later just for checking's sake, the prices were the same or higher.

There you have it!  Use this as a tool to book your next flight.  But remember, airfare prices can change at any time. Airlines can post deals at any time.  It would be a good idea to utilize Kayak or Airfarewatchdog flight alerts to get notifications of price changes.  Also, go ahead and subscribe to their social media pages of your favorite airline to stay updated on the latest deals.  Safe travels!


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