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London was the first stop and meet up location for my first G Adventure tour!  I was in London for three days and planned most activities before hand.  I will be sharing my experience along the tour of the many countries visited.  My concern being alone the first day was getting from the London Heathrow to my destination.  So I did some research online and came to a conclusion.  The most convenient and cheapest way to get around in London is the Underground (The Tube).

The Tube


After getting off my flight, it was game on!  Surprisingly, there were a lot of employees handing out maps and brochures.  After reaching the front of the airport, there was a station of employees with a large Tube map, willing to help you find the best route.  I've done some research ahead of time but wanted to make sure I was going the right way.  They confirmed my research was correct.  I then went across the walkway to the ticket booth where I bought my Oyster card!  Yes, you will need this card for each journey you take.  You also have an option to purchase the Oyster card online with money preloaded.  The line wasn't that long, and I preloaded enough money for my three days in London.

The Tube map is very easy to follow showing every train and each stop it makes.  It is also color coated where you can easily see the connection each train makes to get to your destination.  When on the train, there is a scrolling marquee along the side showing the next stop.  The train also announces it on a loud speaker.  There is also a Tube map to keep track of the stops.  You really can't mess up getting around in London.  I carried the map as well just in case.  What helped me most, since I was solo for the first day in London, I studied the map before my trip; knowing where every stop was along my journey before touching down in the U.K.  If you need help, your hotel receptionist should be able to help you!  Also, you can ask a friendly local.  Be smart, and ask in a public place!



I must add, the trains are a lot cleaner than those of New York City!  There was no garbage laying around, no weird residue on the windows or seats, and no pee stains or smells.  I would say the Tube map is more easy to follow.  To find out more about the London Underground, visit their website here.  Make sure you get to know about the different type of Oyster cards for your stay by going here.

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour

[caption id="attachment_931" align="aligncenter" width="278"]IMG_20150525_102239 Hop-on-hop-off bus tour in London[/caption]

Another great way to get around in London is a hop-on-hop-off bus tour.  There is so much to see in London, and this is one of the best ways to see all the main sites.  The bus tour I chose was The Original London Sightseeing Tour.  It is a double decker bus where you hop off at the location you want to see, then hop on when you are ready to see the next big thing.


There are different tickets you can purchase.  I bought a two-day pass with the Thames River Cruise included for £26.00.  Didn't get the chance to go on the cruise, but the bus tour was a great experience.  Seeing all the beautiful historic sites was something I will always cherish.


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  1. Hi
    Your beautiful website triggered good memories for me.
    In mid 90s I used to live in London for 2 years and was getting familiar with many nice places.
    I believe this diverse city has changed its look since that time.
    It was interesting to read about Stonehenge where I have never been to yet. Planning to visit one day.
    Will use your nice website for some guidance.

  2. You would love Stonehenge. Hope you head back there to have the exeperience. Thanks for your input!~Jo Jo

  3. Hi Josie,
    That was an excellent article that you crafted on your site that detailed many interesting things to see as a tourist in the city of London.

    Back in the summer of 1995, along with my Mom we went on a two-week visit to the U.K. It primarily was a bus tour through England, Wales and Scotland. The tour started and ended in London.

    We saw many of the sights that you recommended, Buckingham Palace, (we saw the actual changing of the guard one day) the Stonehenge (part of the bus tour when we left London), the famous Westminster Abbey and others. I wish that the now picturesque ferris wheel that is seen in photos of London had been built at the time.

    My mom and I went on the Tube once and also to what has always been the original Hard Rock cafe once for a dinner meal.

    The thing I will always remember especially as we arrived in London in early August was at the time they were experiencing a heat wave. The hotel rooms where we stayed a few nights before beginning the tour were not air conditioned and I remember saying to myself, "Are you kidding me"? It was hot inside our rooms!


  4. Hello Jeff,Yikes heat wave in London! But hey, you got to experience London and a few other places. So kudos to you! Thanks for your input, and safe travels!~Jo Jo

  5. Thanks for the tips! London is so big it's good to know the best ways to get around! The hop on hop off bus looks so fun!

  6. Yes, I love them so much! Glad my article has helped. Take care!

    ~Jo Jo


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