Why I Love Thirty One Totes- Weekender Bag



A few years ago, I decided to start selling Thirty-One products.  That did not last long.  It was then I fell in love with this bag.  Being a traveler, I don't like carrying bulky bags at all. Yes, I am the traveler who will try to fit everything in a carry-on bag for a week long vacation.  I'll show you how to that in a later post.

So when this bag grazed my computer screen, it was love at first site.  The first time using this back was on a trip to Houston, Texas.  The trip was for three nights and four days.  Yup, packed everything in this Thirty-One Weekender bag.


This bag is very sturdy. It's like a Louis Vuitton of tote bags.  Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. But that is how sturdy it is.  Since I do not like my items to hop all over the place inside, I used these packing cubes found on Amazon. Get these!



This bag has been with me to Washington, DC, and York Beach, Maine as well for weekend stays.  It is my new baby.  So where to get these weekender bags? Again, I do not sell these anymore.  These aren't offered on their website anymore, but there are many versions of this bag now.  The Fold-Over Weekender is available on their website.


But don't be dismayed!  There are sellers on Amazon and Ebay who still have this great bag.  It is a great investment for those who travel over the weekend.  Or if you are like me, it is also for travelers who do not enjoy suitcases and will pack a week long trip into one cute, sturdy bag.



  1. Hi there Josiebell!
    My girlfriend loves bags. It doesn't matter what brand, size, or color to her. She's not picky. But I have noticed she does have several thirty one bags/totes and she does use them frequently. Matter of fact we're going to the beach soon and perhaps I should surprise her with a new bag or maybe even those packing cubes. She is a neat freak so I think she could get a lot of use out of those.
    Thanks for the ideas :)

  2. My wife and I like to travel. Beside the fact that our journeys are most of the time fun, but we take some things seriously.
    Packing is important.
    If you have bulky, cheap luggage which gives you nothing but stress then your trip can be ruined.
    Therefore we should pay more attention to what choose to travel with.
    Bags and suitcases must be comfortable and of good quality.
    I will send my wife to your site. I am sure she will love the bag :)

  3. Hello Vitaliy,Yes, I think she would love the bag as well. They also have a weekender bag with wheels to make it more easy. Safe travels!~Jo Jo

  4. Hello Jorda,I think she would definitely love the weekender back and the packing cubes for sure! She sounds just like me. Thanks for your input and safe travels!~Jo Jo


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