IMG_20150526_200451It all started with National Geographic magazines.  They were delivered month by month to my home for as long as I can remember until I graduated high school.  They were a gift from my uncle to my sisters and me.  My heart would race scrolling page by page, viewing each amazing photograph from across the world.  I would imagine, really imagine, being RIGHT THERE.  As I grew older, the "travel bug" never left.

Like most people, I didn't have the money to travel. I screwed up my finances in my early 20's and racked up tons of credit card debt.  Even though I didn't have the money, I knew I wanted to travel the world.  So, I obtained a certificate in Travel and Tourism, wanting to learn as much as I can to fill the void that would soon be fulfilled. Finally, I am able to live my dreams!

Bellhop is not your typical travel blog.  Bellhop not only provides you travel tips, but financial tips as well.  I know how it feels to be in a financial rut with travel dreams.  You will learn how I am able to cut expenses, save, and take advantage of credit card points.  You will also follow me to each new destination as I share photos and travel tips I learn along the way.

Everyone should get the chance to travel, to extend yourself from your usual paradigms, and to have a life-changing experience.  For traveling really is life changing!  Just as a "bellhop" helps you with your bags, allow me to be an inspiration for you to become a brave, confident, money savvy traveler!  Thanks for visiting!

Countries I've Visited

As of April 2017: France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Canada, United Arab Emirates

2017-18 plans: Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, India

This website is fairly new, and haven't written about all destinations I've been.  Working on it!  Until then, enjoy!


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