Guest Post Submission

Hello!  Thank you for considering posting your amazing thoughts and experiences on Bellhop!  I love to learn about other's travel experiences and share them with others as well.  So here is what I'm looking for in your post:

  1. It has to be travel destination related documenting your experience and tips about that particular destination.

  2. Long drawn-out posts are not to be featured on Bellhop.

  3. Must have proper grammar.

  4. No cursing or profanity. This blog is rated PG.

  5. No affiliate links.

  6. Please submit a travel photo of yourself.

  7. If any, please submit a photo associated with your post, different from the travel photo of yourself.

  8. Include a link to your website if you have one, to place underneath your photo.

  9. Social media shares should reference back to Bellhop's social media page on the same platform:

This is for promotion only, and not in exchange in any form of compensation.  Please don’t be offended if changes are suggested.

Email your submission to and I will get back to you shortly.

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